Soil Application (Bhushakti)





Bhushakti It is combination of humic acide 3% seaweed extract 3%, amino acide 0.5%  and PGPR 4% which promotes root development to enhance crop growth ,crop yields are high.



It strengthens  roots which help plant to hold soils.

Bhushakti increases various factors such as number of branches, number of ears & Their length, number of buds and flowers number of grains and weight. consequently, it increases both yield and quality. bhushakti increases thickness of bio sells due to which fruits and vegetables can be stored for longer period of time.

when used , it not only saves 25%, fertilizer  but also increases crop yield and quality. Bhushakti improves growth , thickness and length in sugarcane and it also increases teste and sweetness of sugarcane.

Application & Dosage

apply 5-6 kg per  acre in the root zon



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