White Grubs Controller (EPN)


Nema Power  (formulation of EPN)

1 KG




NEMA POWER Formulation of EPN)
Management of White-grubs/other soil insect pests : An effective solution for the management of white -grubs associated with Areca nut. Sugarcane, Apple. Banana. Cardamom. Groundnut, Potato. Corn and turf grass

Safety : Entomopathogenic nematodes are exceptionally safe biological control agents. They are specific to insects and are not a threat to the environment unlike chemical insecticide.

Farmer friendly :

Easy to apply with conventional equipment’s

Tolerance to chemicals :

The infective juveniles are tolerant to mast agrochemicals including herbicides. fungicides and insecticides.

Dosage or application rate of NEMA POWER ?

NEMA POWER has 0 5 to 2 Qxl0′ nematode juveniles per g 10-20 kg per ha. per application depending on the insect life stage is ideal Mix the formulation with 50-100 kg saw dust/ coir pier or sand for ease of application/ spread in the field . A light irrigation in dry and semi-dry soil conditions is preferred after application


Supply from : KN Bio science pvt ltd



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