EM micromix (9) 10kg



  • Inter crop with agathi (Sesbania grandiflora) to provide shade which regulate the thrips population
  • Do not grow chilli after sorghum
  • Do not follow chilli and onion mixed crop
  • Sprinkle water over the seedlings to check the multiplication of thrips


micromix EM is a proprietary  blend of biological formulation of plant growth promoting microbes, biological controls and EPF’s along with bio fertilizer consortium. MicromixEM contains consortia of different bacillus species, pseudomonas spp,EPF spp, Trichoderma spp and also NPK,Zn,fe consortium. it contains high concentration of highly viable cell which are in dormant stage and proliferate quickly after being applying fields.


Benefits : Protect plants from various  fungal & Bacterial diseases like damping off, stem rot,collar rot, bacterial and fungal leaf spots , rust, blight, tikka, anthracnose etc

micromix  em improves soil  fertility, texture,  structure  & organic carbon by its biological activity of decomposition of existing agriculture waste


It contain : Azotobacter, phospho bacater (PSB), KMB, Bacillus spp. Amyloliquificians, subtilis, lechiformis, Polymyxa, Pumilus, Megaterium, pseudomonas spp.flurescens, straita

Trichoderma Spp. viride, harzianum.

Vesecular Arbuscular Mycorhiza,

Entomo Pathogenci fungi metarhizium anisopliae , Beauveria bassiana,


Consortium of organic  compounds like humic acid , Seaweed extract, Protien hydrolysates,  fulvic acid etc

Dosage : Subject of plant  age and  crop veriety

Packing : 10 Kg


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