Green chilly


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Green chilly seeds


  • Green chillies can be grown through the year in seedling trays/ seed cups/ small polybags/ seed bed.
  • Fill a well-drained seedling tray with cocopeat and plant two seeds per cup. Make sure they are just beneath the soil surface.
  • Place the tray indoors for germination and keep the soil moist by misting regularly.
  • Cover the tray with cardboard to encourage germination.
  • Water the seeds carefully everyday with 2 teaspoons of water or use a misting spray so as not to dislodge the seeds.
  • Once the sprouts appear, uncover the tray and place it in an area with bright indirect light.


  • The chilly seeds will germinate in 6-8 days and the sprouts will grow into saplings by the second week.
  • Retain one sapling per cup and carefully remove the weaker saplings and place the tray in a sunny spot to promote leaf growth..
  • Transplant your seedlings, with the root ball, to a bigger pot (at least 8 inches deep) or raised bed (spaced 2 feet apart) after 30-35 days from sowing in a planting mix of 2 part garden soil & 1 part organic manure. Or, 1 part garden soil, 1 part coco-peat & 1 part Vermicomposting.
  • Water the plant every alternate day in winters with an even shower and feed it with a balanced fertilizer every 15 days
  • Your chilly plant will start flowering at the end of 3 months and the chilies will be ready for harvest 70 – 80 days after sowing the seeds and can be harvested for 3 years with proper care.

Common Problems

Why are my chilly seeds not germinating?
Improper growing conditions like extreme cold, or extreme hot temperatures, or under watering your seeds can all result in your chilly seeds not germinating.
My chilly seedlings are leggy.
Moving your seedling tray to a brighter spot can correct the problem of leggy seedlings.
My chilly plant has yellow leaves.
Yellowing leaves of a chilly plant is caused by a variety of reasons. Poor drainage of the container, overwatering , poor quality of compost/feed or certain pests and bacteria can all lead to yellowing of leaves. Identify the cause of yellowing seeds first to find the most effective solution.


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