Metapower(Metarhizium) 1liter


  • It is widely used for control of insects such as pests root weevils, plant hopers, japanese beetle, black vine weevil, spittlebug, termites and white grubs etc
  • Penetrates the cuticle and colonizes inside the target pest. Compatible with several chemical insecticides
  • Fruit crops: Grapes, guava, sapota, citrus, mango, pomegranate, custard apple, coconut
  • Field crops: Cotton, paddy, sorghum, sunflower, groundnut, potato, mustard, cumin
  • Vegetable crops: Tomato, chilly, brinjal, onion, lady’s finger. Plantatin crops: cardamom, tea, coffee, floriculture


Nowadays people like growing their own vegetables and fruits; basically, owning their own kitchen gardens. And, why not? Who wouldn’t love organic produce from their own garden? Products like Metarhoz help you to keep your plants safe from plants insects. Leaf Hoppers, Root Grubs, Borers, Cutworms, Termits & Palm Weevils etc are the few things that can spoil your crop completely. However, Metarhoz from Utkarsh effectively controls the economically important pests of crops & makes them healthier. This product is in fact widely used by farmers.


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