HDPE Tarpaulin 120GSM 60F×40F


The main advantage of using our HDPE Tarps is that they are UV stabilized which helps to protect ultraviolet ray sensitive goods, materials against UV radiation. The tarpaulin material is inert to most toxic gases and fumes while preventing bacteria or mold growth.


1) Lightweight
2) Long-lasting
3) Tear/Tensile
4) Puncture Resistance
5) Water Proof
6) High Stress Crack Resistance
7) Antioxidant
8) Good Impact Resistance
9) UV stabilized.

Film made in 90,100, 120, 150, 160, 170, 200,225,250,300 and 500 microns.

Our quality HDPE tarpaulin available in Black, Yellow & Blue colours available

Size :
Regular size 18/24, 18/30, 30/30/,30/40 and 40/60.

Note : We can provide all kind of sizes



Tarpaulin (HDPE)

1)Tarpaulins are water resistant and have tremendous strength to keep everything at a single location.

2) It is an excellent product to cover things while moving or for covering food products for a long haul.

3)Due to its water resistance power it keeps food materials undamaged throughout the transit trip.


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