Deluxe Drinker


Birds per Drinker 50 to 70

Bowl Dia 330 mm

Lip Space 40 mm

Trough Height 50 mm

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Chaarvi Automatic Drinker for Poultry Chicken & Birds Common Bird Feeder (Red)

Automatic Drinker for Poultry Chicken with Strong line of Valves and provides Quick Water Filling with fine tuning. Made from highly durable plastic, scientifically designed valves for proper water control and distribution. Height can be adjusted according to birds age. Saves water, constant water level, maintains hygienic surroundings & attracts birds towards it. Ample amount of water helps in rapid growth by providing endless water supply. Easy to install, with removable lower parts for easy cleaning & maintenance. Heavy duty product, superior quality design & reasonably priced for poultry farm needs.


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