Poultry Curtains 6f /150f (120 GSM)


Poultry curtain 120 GSM

Yellow clr

Size 6f /150f (120 GSM)

The insulating sidewall curtains help to reduce heat loss, which keep the livestock and poultry house warm and creates a noticeable improvement inside the house.

These curtains also helps the user to safe the animals from the cold winds & rain, and creates a well natural ventilation system.



Chaarvi Poultry Curtains 6f /150f (120 GSM)

Special Poultry Curtain with multi layered & cross laminated UV stabilized polymer is also available.

  • Its unmatched strength apart , Chaarvi sheet also offers the assurance of 100% waterproofing. Its heat sealed joints further guarantee that there is no leakage whatsoever.
  • It is all-weatherproof, with the ability to withstand tough climatic extremes.
  • It is specially UV treated to resist radiation, and is inert to most chemicals and acids.
  • Excellent tensile strength, tear and puncture resistance help Chaarvi Sheet withstand the impact of sharp edges and blunt objects. At the same time , its high elongation and flexibility enables it to be draped over odd shaped objects


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