Anoka 1kg


Spray: mix 5gm of Anoka in 1 ltr of water and then spray. Seed treatment: Take 10gm of Anoka add little water and make it paste then apply to the 1kg of seed. For tuber crops / Seedlings: Take 500gm of Anoka mix it in 50 ltrs of water then soak the seed for 5 minutes.



ANOKA is a consortium of bio control agents Trichoderma viride and pseudomonas fluorescens. This combination control various fungal diseases like Stem rot, Root rot, collar rot, Die back, Damping off, fungal wilt, Blast, Sheath blight, etc, & bacterial diseases like leaf blight, brown leaf spot, bacterial wilt, etc. and also improves resistance in the plant. Recommended: for all vegetable, tuber, cotton, chilli crops


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