Tuta absoluta traps ( leaf miner) 25no


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1) Install Pheromone Traps from 15 days crop stage @ 8 Numbers per acre for effective control

2)Change lures every 45-60 days for best results

3)Clean pheromone traps and remove collected insects every week

4)Trap canopy should be just above crop canopy

5) Easy to handle, more durable, economical and highly effective trap for Tuta absoluta

Target Species: Leaf Miner

Product description:

Tuta absoluta Trap Tuta absoluta is an important pest of Tomato particularly in Mediterranean region. Recently invaded India and becoming one of most important pests of Tomato. Other host crops include potato and common beans. Sex pheromone trap is using as an early detection tool. Mass trapping and lure and Kill application of pheromone has been found to be effective to control Tuta absoluta. Nature of Damage Larvae mine in the mesophyll of the leaf. Caterpillars attack only green leaf. Mining damage causes death of leaves, malformation of stems, and damage to fruits which lead to fungal infections.

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25 No, 50 No, 75 No, 100 No


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