Stem borer in paddy -కాండం తొలుచు పురుగు


Em micromix : 5ML/1liter
Pestro oil : 2ml/1liter



Stem borer of Rice -కాండం తొలుచు పురుగు

Symptom –
*Initial symptoms of sheath blight are noticed on leaf sheaths near water level. On the leaf sheath oval or elliptical or irregular greenish grey spots are formed.

*As the spots enlarge, the center becomes grayish white with an irregular blackish brown or purple brown border.

*Lesions on the upper parts of plants extend rapidly coalescing with each other to cover entire tillers from the water line to the flag leaf.

*The presence of several large lesions on a leaf sheath usually causes death of the whole leaf, and in severe cases all the leaves of a plant may be blighted in this way. The infection extends to the inner sheaths resulting in death of the entire plant.

*Older plants are highly susceptible. Five to six week old leaf sheaths are highly susceptible.

*Plants heavily infected in the early heading and grain filling growth stages produce poorly filled grain, especially in the lower part of the panicle.

One Acer
Em micromix : 1000ml
Pestro oil : 250 ml


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