Fruit Rot జీవం కోల్పోవు


For one acar
Micromix :5ml/1li
Amogha : 5ml/1lit



Fruit Rot and Die Back:
జీవం కోల్పోవు


* As the fungus causes necrosis of tender twigs from the tip backwards the disease is called die-back Infection usually begins when the crop is in flower.
Flowers drop and dry up.

* There is profuse shedding of flowers. The flower stalk shrivel and dry up. This drying up spreads from the flower stalks to the stem and subsequently causes die-back of the branches and stem and the branches wither. Partia1lly affected plants bear fruits which are few and of low quality.

* On the surface of the soil the necrotic areas are found separated from the healthy area by a dark brown to black band.


Micromix :5ml/1li
Amogha : 5ml/1lit


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