Blue sticky Traps big Size (one pack 25no)





Trap & Monitor Garden Thrips & Leafminers Without Catching Your Beneficials!

Blue Pest traps made to attract thrips and leafminers. The color attractant lures them in and the sticky surface holds them tight. Pheromone lures or essential oil  can be added to increase trap effectiveness.

Benefits of Blue Sticky Traps:

  • Do not require baits or pheromone lures.
  • Adhesive on both sides to make placement easy and effective.
  • The gridded surface and bright color allow for easy monitoring, identification and counting.
  • Less attracting of beneficial insects than yellow sticky traps

Suggested Uses: For use indoors and outdoors to trap and monitor insect pests. Traps may be hung virtually anywhere, placed on the ground, or placed into the ground with a stake (not included) depending on the pest being monitored. If hung, traps should be slightly above the plant canopy for best results. Replace traps once full or after the growing season.


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