Pseudomonas Fluorscens Bio Fungicide Powder (2×10^8 CFU/g) – 1 Kg for Soil, Seeds and Plants – Controls Blast and sheath blight, Root Rot, Damping off, Wilt Diseases in Plants 1 Kg n


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  • BIO FUNGICIDE : Pseudomonas Fluorescens is a high-efficiency organic biological agent. It produces antibiotics, nutrient competition, parasitic, cell- wall degradation, enzymes, and induced plant resistance mechanisms. It protect crops from a number of soil borne / seed borne plant pathogens.
  • IMPROVES PLANT GROWTH : Provides excellent effect on overall plant growth, encourages the growth of new shoots / leaves and improves the quality and shelf life of the produce. Pseudomonas fluorescens helps in plant growth promotion through the production of growth promoting hormones like gibberelic acid, indole acetic acid and naphthaline acetic acid.
  • IMPROVES NUTRIENTS INTAKE : Pseudomonas Fluorescens increases the absorption of nutrients and the effective use of fertilizers by plants. Hence promote root growth, make crop growth more vigorous and increase crop yield.
  • IMPROVES SOIL QUALITY : Biological potential and fertility of soil could be increased. Free-living soil bacteria that thrive in the rhizosphere, aggressively colonize plant roots, and facilitate plant growth. Safe to soil inhabiting beneficial organisms.
  • APPLICATION METHODS : INDIVIDUAL PLANTS – Mix 5 g of Pseudomonas Fluorescens with 1 litre water and apply directly to plant soil. SEED TREATMENT – Mix 10 g of Pseudomonas Fluorescens with 1 kg of seeds. ROOT DIPPING : Mix 100 g of Pseudomonas Fluorescens with 10 litres of water. POTTING SOIL : Mix 100 g of Pseudomonas Fluorescens with 15-20 of potting soil.


  • Mix 10 g pseudomonas fluorescens with 1 kg of seeds.
  • Mix rice gruel or water with the pseudomonos fluorescens treated seeds to form a slurry.
  • Leave the mixture of seeds overnight.
  • Remove the excess water and allow the seeds to sprout for 24 hours and then sow the sprouted seeds.

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