APHIDS in tomato పెనుబంక (insecticide)


Pest O Oil : 2ml /1 liter
Micromix virtisi : 5ml /1 liter

kit : 1lit vertici + 250 ml pest o oil



Aphids reside on the underside of leaves, allowing them to suck the sap from the leaves undetected. Large infestations will cause leaves to wilt and yellow. New growth may become stunted. Even worse, tomato yields may decrease, or the fruits will become deformed.


It is usually possible to see aphid colonies with the naked eye, many species colonise shoot tips, flower buds and the underside of younger leaves.

Aphids can cause stunted growth with curled or distorted leaves and can weaken the plant.
Many aphids excrete a sticky honeydew on which black sooty moulds can grow.

management :

Pest o oil
Combination of neem oil, custard apple oil, Pongamia, fish & other minerals

Micromix epf vartici

EPF వర్టి సి అనునది వర్టిసిలియం లేకని ఒక కీటకనశక జీవ శిలింద్రం. ఇది ముఖ్యంగా పిండినల్లి, పెనుబంక, నల్లిజాతి, త్రిప్స్ మొదలగు పురుగులను నియత్రించును.

Note: అన్ని పంటలకు వాడవచ్చు

Verticelum : 1lit + pest o oil 250ml


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