Aphids( పెనుబంక )


EM micromix virtici : 5ml/1liter



Aphids( పెనుబంక )

*Nymphs and adults of aphids and white fly suck the cell sap from the under surface of the leaves and growing shoots.

*They secrete honey-dew on which black sooty mould develops on leaves and young shoots.

* The black coating affects the photo-synthetic activity of the plants.

*Leaves curl, internodal length shortened, wiping of leaves, leaf size gets reduced, growth gets retarded.

*Among the many diseases that infect the chilli crop, mosaic caused by many viruses is a major problem.

*Important insect vectors of chilli mosaic are aphids viz., Myzus persicae, Aphis gossypii and white fly Bemisia tabaci, apart from other vector species of aphids and sugar beet leaf hoppers to a little extent.

*Mosaic disease transmitted by aphids cause 20-30 per cent loss in yield.


For 1 liter of water 5ml Liquid required


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